Get The Girl of Your Dreams Now with Magnetic Messaging


Most men think that after getting a phone number from a girl, after seducing for hours in the pub or gym etc. they have triumphed! They have won the game! According to, little do they know that the game is now only beginning? And uninitiated men fail this game miserably. What wrong do they you ask? In their confidence of having gotten the number, they send a reckless and badly timed message and ruin their chance of dating the girl once and forever.

What do you lack?

Getting the number form the girl does not mean that she will go out on a date with you. In fact, she has given the real test now. The fact that she is attracted to you is not enough. You need to take your next steps carefully. You have to impress her with text! You have to confidently seduce her with your mobile message. In fact, she wants you to seduce her! To sweep her off her feet!. Are you up for the challenge? You cannot possibly write a poem or send a bouquet of flowers in your mobile phone to impress her. That is where magnetic messaging comes in!

What do you find in Magnetic Messaging?

In three simple text strategies, you can win over the girl, you can conquer her heart and get her to fall in love with you. That is the magic of magnetic messaging. It is the perfect beginner’s guide for men and covers all aspects of texting and messaging a woman. This is a must-have book for any man who desperately wants to score with a girl. It identifies the text pitfalls such as appearing needy or coming too strong or lame boring texts which lead the girl from being hot for you to becoming cold and eventually the romance fizzles out.

Magnetic messaging is a book which aims to give the right tools and mindset required for men to effectively communicate with women while texting so that they become an excitement to meet up with you. The book promises to guide you get any girl you want, girls who have met you only once, girls whom you meet occasionally, and girl you are in a relationship with. It is a solid guide to take your texting game to a whole new level and claim the girl you have always wanted.

The book teaches you to effectively use texts to achieve the three most important things, excite her imagination, form a strong connection and handle the logistics. The book emphasizes that timing is important and teaches one how and when to do these three things in great detail. It depends on how well the girl is responding to you and at which stage of the relationship you are.


The book talks about building a romantic idealistic quality and then expresses them through text. It has tips on how to add intelligence and humor to your message so that the girl gets impressed. It contains the 99 best texts of all time that you can send to the girl depending on the situation.

Magnetic messaging is the best product for beginners who want to learn a sure shot winning formula and a playful way to text women. This book can be used for a wide variety of scenarios which you may face in your dating life. If you are not getting dates or if you are not able to get the girl go on a date with you after the initial win of getting the phone number, then this book is for you. To get more information about the Magnetic Messaging, click here.