5 Ways To Make Your Long-Term Marriage Happier


Do you remember the first date you and your spouse had? How exciting was it? All you could think about is where you would go, how it would go, what you were going to talk about, etc. There was a certain excitement while you were dating each other because everything was so fresh and new.

After so many years of marriage, many couples lose that sense of excitement they once had when they were dating. They stop doing things together. They stop dating. So, below are 5 ways to make your long-term marriage happier.

1. Your Special Bond 

A strong marriage is all about the special exclusive bond that you share with only your partner. Good marriages are defined by two people who share a unique kinship that transcends all of their other personal alliances. When a husband and wife demonstrate to each other that the relationship they share is unique and special, it makes their bond strong, and their relationship can survive the many hurdles they must clear together throughout their marriage.

2. Personal Sacrifice 

For relationships to prosper, both people can’t always have their needs met in every situation. A simple example of this might be deciding on what you are going to have for dinner. Unless you want to cook two separate meals or go to different restaurants to dine out, one party will need to give in to the other’s desire. As long as couples learn to balance these everyday tradeoffs and be ok with them, one or both people will end up frustrated and feel cheated. Compromise and small sacrifices are one of the hallmarks of a happier and strong marriage. However, if you ever found your spouse cheated, visit this site to learn more about how to deal with infidelity.

3. Open Communications 

Perhaps the biggest area where marriages can fall is in communications. When people quit communicating, there is a serious breakdown in the marriage. Broken communications are usually a sign of an unhealthy relationship. For the dynamics of any relationship to work two-way communication is essential so that the bonds stay strong and so that both people can be heard, their concerns are voiced and consensus achieved. When people no longer communicate effectively, their marriage will suffer.

4. Keeping romance alive 

Probably the number one complaint that is heard from both men and women is that their sex life is no longer satisfying. According to http://campoflovers.com, lack of intimacy is a real marriage killer. Sex is only one aspect of intimacy but when one of the people in a marriage starts to complain about their sex life, what they are most likely missing is the special feelings that intimacy provides and the special bond it helps form and maintain in a marriage. If your husband is complaining about sex, you need to listen. What he is telling you is that the special feelings he has for you are fading and he expects you to do something about it.

5. Make your partner feel special 

A common human need is to feel wanted and important to others. Both husbands and wives need to hear from their spouse that they are still number one in their hearts and minds. It isn’t difficult to give honest compliments; however, several partners just slip into a routine and start taking each other for granted. You should remember that you got married because of the specific qualities you saw in each other. You can keep your marriage happier by showing appreciation for each other and by complimenting each other to help maintain the special rewards you get from your close relationship.