Break The Shackles of Being Friend
zoned Guys!

Friend Zone is the phase where we have been at least ones or more in the lifetime. In some cases, it has been so long that we can even don’t hesitate to sublet or get a complete parking in 
the zone (smiles). If you are among the fortunate few, who are not aware of what is it, let me take an opportunity to explain. Friend Zone (FZ) is a situation in a relationship where one among the two is in love with the other but is considered as dearest friend by the same ‘other’. Mostly it is the saddest part in the relationship.

What makes you get the ‘Friend Zone’ tag?

As per the popular belief, if you are friend zoned ones you’re going to stay there for rest of the life. If we quote Zoey Deutch – “You waited too long and now you’re in the Friend Zone.” And this feeling generally creates the complex situation in the lives of the guys more but the delighting fact it is untrue, it is simple to get out of it guys! So cheer up! While you are murmuring now that how to get out of the friend zone for guys, let’s focus on the simple life hacks that can help you out of this.

What do guys think?
There are things you are unconsciously doing that are making you stay there for longer than required. Mostly, it is seen that the girl things the man as a close friend while he has romantic feelings towards the girl and the men are put into the frustrating friend zone.

Many of the guys believe that trying to get out of the friend zone can cause them to relationship loss. This sheer fear of even getting devoid of getting to spend time with her and this is the big mistake the guys do. Trying to hide the genuine feelings makes the position worse to become the special person of her life.

Don’t allow her to treat you as a boyfriend
If you want the girl to be in thoughts all the time, do not allow her to treat you like her boyfriend. This may sound strange and painful while you have deep feelings towards her. But based on this site, to get her attention and feel your absence, stop hanging around all the time. Stop being available whenever she calls. The more you try to be present with her all the more she will think of you’re as a brother so doesn’t give her the chance.

Make her feel that you are special for her
You can sometimes go out without her but with her other friends. Some guys think the idea to skeptical but, believe me, it works. This will make her feel that you are wanted by other girls too, making her feel that she missing you or a little possessive about you.

Propose her a date out
To begin the move to get rid of Friend Zone ask her for date and if she becomes apprehensive, just ask her out not on a date. Maybe a relaxing walk in a garden and gradually convincing her
 for a romantic date. Make her notice your special feelings for her.

Try to be Mysterious
This is another superb way to break the shackles and increasing her interest in you. This will allow her to fantasize about you.

Enjoy the company of others
Being in the company of others and enjoy being. Slight flirting with other girls who you meet on social occasions or through common friends can also catch her attention.

Make the first move
While in a favorable situation you must make the move to approach her for the relationship, as it happens very rare that the girl makes the first move.