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P.A.C.E. Trek - Endurance Athlete Paul Staso

A one-of-a-kind annual
running, walking & learning adventure for K-12 school children! It is 100% FREE and requires only a few minutes
per day for about 3 weeks!

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P.A.C.E. Trek 2008
24 Solo Marathons in 20 Days!

Between April 28 and May 19, 2008 Paul Staso ran 620 miles solo across Montana. He averaged 31 miles per day and ran from the Great Plains to the top of the Northern Rocky Mountains, in temperatures from 19 to 90 degrees.


On May 1, 2011 Paul Staso Became The First Person
To Run 506 Miles Solo Across The Mojave Desert
In A Mere 17 Days!



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Eight thousand children from 8 countries participated virtually, logging more than 42,000 miles during the trek. Paul ran the equivalent of 24 Marathons in 20 days, covering 247 miles in the final mountainous week of the east to west journey. He endured 2 snowstorms, freezing rain, and some very hot days.

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The Montana "Online Classroom"

Paul's "online classroom" for his solo run across Montana remains online and provides access to his daily journal writings, pictures, videos and more from his running adventure. Click here to visit the Montana classroom.

The Music Slideshow of P.A.C.E. Trek Montana

The final P.A.C.E. Trek 2008 music slideshow features pictures of Paul's solo run across Montana. The music slideshow has been embedded below using a Windows Media Player script so that you can watch it directly on this web page. However, if you cannot see the slideshow below, then you can click here to download the 2008 music slideshow. Also, you can right click on that link and choose the "Save Target As" option to save the file to your computer's hard drive. You should know, however, that the file size is around 28 Megabytes and this is a Windows Media file (.wmv format). The embedded version below is streaming, meaning that you can click the play button in the lower left-hand corner of the player and begin watching it immediately. Turn up your computer speakers! If you're a Mac user, you may need to get the Windows Media Player via Apple Downloads or Microsoft Downloads. Enjoy!

Click The Play Button And Wait A Few Seconds

Once the video is playing, right click on the player's control bar (in gray) at the bottom to choose "Zoom > Full Screen" option.

Or, to view some highlight pictures of Paul's Montana run,
click on the link below which is a photo album through
Google's Picasa:
2008 Montana Solo Run Pictures



Since P.A.C.E. Treks began in April 2008 there have been 68,652 school children worldwide that have logged 326,252
which is about
13 laps of planet earth!


Across America

Route 66 Trek

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Paul's 7 Teaching Goals Through P.A.C.E. Trek Challenges

1. The importance of good health/nutrition, as well as the benefits of frequent and consistent exercise.
2. The benefits that can be experienced from running and/or walking (the original way to better fitness)
3. That if you take care of your body it can take you on some wonderful adventures.
4. Interesting information about the various locations that he runs through completely alone.
5. The importance of setting goals and pursuing dreams no matter what obstacles might be in front of you.
6. That a positive attitude and the desire to positively impact the lives of others can be very rewarding.
7. That perseverance can take you places that you never imagined you could get to.

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